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Microgenn’s Bar management software – MHMS

bar management softwareAs in dealing with food, there are lots of ways to lose money, potentially big money at the bar. Spills, overpouring, waste, freed drinks, theft, and unrecorded sales are just a few of the common challenges that are present wherever liquor, beer, and wine are served. Restaurants and bars all face the same frustrating issues. Inventory takes too long, getting vendor orders together is a headache, bartenders stealing. Our bar management software solves these issues with better wine, beer, and liquor inventory management. From small bars to large resorts, hotels, and country clubs, Our system has been used. In short, If you are struggling to manage your bar or club operation more effectively, Microgenn’s Bar management software is a proven solution. Our Microgenn’s Bar Management is loaded with extraordinary features which allow your bartenders to quickly and accurately serve customers and create a unique environment for your bar. We automate each and every hand-held operations to serve the customers in a better way. From taking orders to comprehensive analytics, our Microgenn’s Bar management allows you to control over how much spirit is used in the bar.

Save your time

With the help our microgenn’s bar management software, you can easily take inventory, place orders, and analyze sales data on one easy-to-use platform. Skip the printed spreadsheet on a clipboard – then all the time it takes to copy the data into Excel. Our bar management software has many options to take inventory on your smartphone or a digital handheld device. The data goes right into the beverage inventory management software.

Reduce your labor costs

Are you still allocating a staff member to maintain inventory?, This is old fashioned and it takes more time & cost. With microgenn’s bar management software, you can save more on labor costs and save your valuable time on inventory management. Not only time and money, but you can also reduce human errors. After a long shift, mistakes happen. Whether it’s calculations gone wrong or illegible handwriting, taking inventory by hand results in a human error.

Access reports easily

Storing data’s in basic spreadsheets won’t reveal spending or spillage trends over time. Only our microgenn bar management software can serve up hundreds of useful reports in a few clicks. With beverage inventory management software, you can sneak a peek into your potential sales and losses – right on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Features loaded with Bar management software | MHMS

  • Inventory everything that you sell.
  • Inventory daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Optional Inventory to counter wise.
  • Add an unlimited number of products.
  • View costs, usage, and variances.
  • Calculate the product’s optimal pricing.
  • Weigh open liquor, wine, and rum.
  • Adjust happy hour and NC-Bills.
  • Drink mixer – cocktail and mocktails.
  • Calculate potential sales and losses.
  • Compare register sales to actual.
  • All for an affordable one-time price.
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