Front Office Management

Microgenn’s Front Office management

Front office management
“If the back office represents the nuts and bolts of a business–things like accounting, inventory management, and human resources–then the front office is where the rubber hits the road”

Front office system is a primary requirement for every property because every multi-departmental physical business needs to have a front office or reception to receive the Guests. So, Front office is considered as the hotelier’s face who directly interacts with Guests they first arrive at the hotel. Microgenn’s Front Office Management module gives you the access to a full management system, which includes the ability to create guest room bookings, run a daily book which shows all the rooms in the establishment at a glance, check in and out guests and transfer guest invoices.


  • Room type and Rack Rate Tariff based Booking.
  • Check-in.
  • Quick booking.
  • A complete reservation management system.
  • Cashiering – Handles Various Transactions ( Advance, checkout, Refund).
  • Easily usable single window dashboard for faster transactions.
  • Integrated with SMS and email alert module to alert on key information including guest activities, occupancy status and etc…
  • Powerful drill down up to the individual bill.
  • Foreign currency exchange.
  • Guest on a meal plan.
  • Split bill checkout.
  • Partial checkout.
  • Simplified Night auditing software.
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