Future Hospitality Trends

Talking about future trends is a trending topic always. Nowadays, peoples are moving towards technology and they are adapting the way they travel. Yes, in the next 2 to 3 years much things will change in hotel marketing strategies and hotel technology, but the core values of hospitality industry won’t.

Social media platforms going to play a major role in hotel marketing strategies enables your properties to be always available for customer service requests and provide instant updates. The obsession people have with possessing the very latest information via their mobile devices may mean the days of scheduling content take a back seat to a more agile approach. Artificial intelligence enables the chatbots to provide a human-like service to the guests. So, the messaging system and chatbots will play a key role and make sure your guest’s wifi is in good quality so that they can access those services without any hassles.

Before Facebook remains at the top of the game but now Instagram performing so strongly among other social media platforms such as Twitter, linkedin, Pinterest, google+, it’s a good idea to diversify your strategies and where you place your advertising budget.

The important thing is framing your advertising budget based on priority. This will help you in promoting your content, engaging customers and build a good relationship between the guests.

Video marketing and virtual reality services will offer a whole new experience to guests when researching travel and exploring the hotels they want to stay with. Video marketing is a great way to go behind the scenes of your hotel to give guests more insight, make great advertisements for your rooms and services and generally create exciting content.

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