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Microgenn’s Hotel management software is a one-step ideal software solution for your hotels, motels, resorts, inns, lodges, hostels, apartments, or any of your properties. We have integrated various modules into a single unit called “ Microgenn’s Hotel Management Software” that performs all the hotel management operations you need. We offer you unmatched flexibility in managing your business operations. It has become the preferred solution of many hotels and hotel chains since it is a completely integrated solution that addresses the needs of all the departments of a hotel.

Why your hotel needs Hotel management software?

All we know about hotel management process is check-in and check-out, but there are a lot of operations going on between guests and hoteliers like Front office, housekeeping, the point of sales, banquet hall management etc…It is possible to add any kind of required operation to the custom module, this is the main advantage of our Hotel management software. When you are selecting hotel management software for your hotel, you should consider the benefits that the system will offer you. Hotel management software will minimize the amount of time spent on administrative tasks. The perfect Hotel management software will do a lot of work for you, allowing you to focus your efforts and your energy on the big picture. In today’s digital world, it’s critical that you automate as many tasks as possible. Our hotel management system can help you tremendously with that. This will also help you in increasing online presence. A management software integrated with a website will allow the guests to book rooms online and accordingly, this will increase your hotel relevance. So, investing in your hotel management software will increase your relevance and business in every way.

Our Packages

MHMS – Elite

Microgenn’s Elite Hotel management software uniquely designed for Hotels, Serviced Apartments, Villas, Lodges and Gated communities. This HMS Elite software is compact, smart and user-friendly. Microgenn Hotel management system Elite is ideally meant for small business hotels that are looking at the basic functionalities to manage property effectively with minimum resources.

MHMS – Express

Microgenn’s Express Hotel management software uniquely designed for mid-size hotels, serviced apartments, villas, Lodges, and gated communities. To cater to the needs of the up to 2-star Hotel category. Microgenn’s Express hotel management software is smart and user-friendly. It comes with some of the extra modules along with Microgenn’s Elite Hotel management system.

MHMS – Premium

Microgenn’s premium Hotel management software provides ultimate hotel software solutions for larger hotel chains and premium properties. It covers various process going on their various departments, which interconnects all the process and deliver rich and attractive. With Microgenn premium Hotel management software, users can access in-depth and crystal clear view of all hotel related process

Modules in Microgenn’s Hotel management software | MHMS


Front Office Management

Front office system is a primary requirement for every property because every multi-departmental physical business needs to have a front office or reception to receive the Guests.



Housekeeping software makes the business process very smooth and flourishes rapidly. Planning, assigning and tracking of housekeeping activities can be done.


Point Of Sale

Point of sale software is meant for fine dining outlets, Cafes, Food courts and quick service restaurants, Bars and Elite Bars with the help of our Microgenn’s POS.


Bar Management

Bar management is loaded with extraordinary features which allow your bartenders to quickly and accurately serve customers and create a unique environment for your bar.



Banquet and event management enables the automation and management of a single day event, multi-day events or any conventions. Support every phase of a event.


Material Management

The major challenge that materials managers face is maintaining a consistent flow of materials for production. Our software is a one-stop solution.


Payroll Management

Our payroll management system manages the payroll professionally without any hassles and it is quite convenient to use and you can easily access the data.


SMS Alert

Automated communication with customers, volunteers, and members facilitates the mitigation of problems quickly. With our alert system, notifications will be delivered instantly.


Power Automation

Power automation system is a system for managing, controlling and protecting the various components connected to the power network and obtains the real-time information.

Interfaces | Microgenn’s Hotel Management Software

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