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“Plan, assign and keep track on housekeeping activities”

Mostly, customers judge your property by appearance. Sometimes managers can’t able to track all the housekeeping activities. Imagine checking into a hotel and found the surfaces of room left uncleaned. Bad housekeeping can be a total putt off for customers and the chances of recurring business diminish significantly. This is why we designed our “Microgenn’s housekeeping software”, which automatically tag that uncleaned room as dirty when the guest checks out. Housekeeping software makes the business process very smooth and flourishes rapidly. Planning, assigning and tracking of housekeeping activities can be done effectively with the aid of Housekeeping module. Our Microgenn’s Housekeeping software will manage all your maids, their personal and professional details, their availabilities, specialties, schedules and many more. This software works in complete sync with the front office and effectively improves service efficiency and completely reduces the paperwork. It has an intuitive dashboard with the current room status information. It allows you to assign rooms to your housekeeping staff based on blocks/floors or sort them based on their status to manage the division of work.

Real-time status

Microgenn’s housekeeping software provides the hoteliers real-time time visibility to the staff functions, room status which enables them to ensure better and uninterrupted services to the guests.  This system also offers better planning, management and scheduling and wise assignment distribution among the employees. In our automated system, all the inventories are recorded automatically, this provides the managers with a greater flexibility in assigning resources based on requirement.

realtime status-housekeeping

housekeeping software

Accurate and up-to-date status

Our microgenn’s housekeeping software module provides an impressive line of features that can help you manage your hotel’s housekeeping processes quickly and efficiently. Its user-friendly interface allows you to access things easily and it works completely in sync with front office module. The front office staff can easily change the status of the guest request. MHMS helps the front office and housekeeping perform their jobs better, resulting in accurate and up-to-date room status.

Rooms under maintenance

Microgenn housekeeping software will help you in preventing incorrect check-in of guests into rooms under maintenance. For example, if one of your guests is leaving or made a check-out, then the room will be tagged as “Room is under maintenance” and no other guests will be allowed to stay in that room until it’s cleaned by housekeepers. The task and status of each room are available to the housekeeping staff to update as and when the cleaning is done.

housekeeping software

housekeeping software

Track Housekeeping activities

According to several industry surveys, guests rate “cleanliness” as the most important feature affecting their choice to stay in a specific hotel. With the help of our microgenn’s housekeeping software, you can able to keep track of every housekeeping activities, manage the schedule of the cleaning process, allocate the housekeepers etc…Also, it allows you to assign rooms to your housekeeping staff based on blocks/floors or sort them based on their status to manage the division of work. Efficient task management ensures fulfillment of housekeeping tasks on time.

Laundry and Linen management

In addition to cleaning the rooms, the housekeeping software of microgenn is likely to be responsible for managing the laundry and linens. Microgenn’s housekeeping software enabled laundry and linen management by very handy functionality and features that would decrease your manual effort. It requires a good amount of time and effort for record keeping. Microgenn’s housekeeping software helps the housekeeper to efficiently record and analyze the inventory and other activities to keep a check on cost.

housekeeping software

Avoid work duplication

The daily activities of housekeeping are easy to print and can be given to staff to make them understand clearly about their roles and responsibilities for the day. Our Microgenn’s housekeeping software makes it easy to avoid any duplication or confusion while assigning the task with options to filter & sort rooms based on blocks & floors, & their status. As everything is updated in real time, it eliminates the possibility of checking rooms physically to see whether it is vacant or occupied.

Features loaded with our Housekeeping software | MHMS

  • Track tasks for timely completion.
  • Avoid work duplication.
  • Avoid incorrect check-in of rooms under maintenance.
  • Automate room status.
  • Guest Amenities Consumption.
  • Track your Outside Launderer stock.
  • Room wise stock.
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