How to automate your hotel’s front office tasks?

Front office is the most important department of hotel. The front office executives have to be warm, welcoming every guest with a smile and then check-in the guest without any problems. It seems to be simple, but there are lot of hidden tasks associated with it. 

Front office operations

They are responsible for the guest check-in, check-out, room allotment, handling guest queries, assigning tasks to the housekeeping and other departments, checking for reports and payments and much more tasks. Still there are lot of tasks missed in this list. Apart from the hectic shifts and daily tasks, they should assist the guests and help them throughout stay.

How to automate?

Now, everything is digitalised and you don’t have to depend more on man-power. There are lot of industries in India providing the better hospitality software called hotel management software, that automate all your needs. It is wise to invest in hotel management system to cater to the demanding guests efficiently. From handling front office operations to night auditing, there are lot of modules integrated into a single unit called hotel management system, which is a one stop solution fro all the worries. 


Front office software allows you to make quick reservations and maintain the check-in and checkout lists without any hassles.

⁃ You can store your guest profile and details with it and you can access whenever you need.

⁃ Front office can be integrated with SMS module that sends notification on guests check-in, check-out or any activities.

⁃ Front office software provides tools and reports to track daily summary of cash and credit card activities, room revenues, occupancy percentages and other statistics.

⁃ It allows you to handle various transactions ( advance, checkout, refund)

These are some of the major advantages of front office software and it’s completely a worthy upgrade if you are still using a traditional front office system.

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