Material Management

Microgenn’s Material Management

materials management

The major challenge that materials managers face is maintaining a consistent flow of materials for production. There are many factors that inhibit the accuracy of inventory which results in production shortages. The most common issues that all materials managers face are incorrect bills of materials, shipping errors, receiving errors, production errors etc.. To overcome all these issues, microgenn’s material management system is a one-stop solution.

Microgenn’s Material Management system – A comprehensive Material management system can be defined as planning, coordinating and controlling the flow of various activities. This will help you in the daily tasks of inventory management and material management by various modules. We are effective for all size industries that are looking for a complete system which helps in tracking items etc…This system will automate all the process related to the management of materials which include materials planning and control, production planning, purchasing, inventory control, stock maintenance, quality control, sales management, and logistics management. Our material management software is widely demanded by corporate houses, offices, factories and small as well as big business organizations.


  • Manage end to end inventory requirements.
  • Direct communication with POS.
  • Unparalleled efficiency works across departments.
  • Role-based security.
  • Advance multi-level access authentication.
  • Interfaced with tally.
  • Stock management options include expiry item-wise, re-order based inventory, minimum, and maximum stock control.
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