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“Better POS, Better service”

Since hotel management is administered on the premise of customer service and hospitality, it is not a far reach to understand that the best hotels utilise effective POS systems –the whole hotel process runs more effectively with better management and services. With the advancement of hotel POS technology and a corresponding boom in the travel and hospitality industry, hotel POS systems serve to streamline operations: transactions, inventory, length of stay, food and extra charges –analysed and levied per room. At superb hotels and resorts, most POS systems are connected to the kitchen which allows an operator to record the delivery of the product to the customer’s account. Our Microgenn’s Hotel POS system is meant for fine dining outlets, Cafes, Food courts and quick service restaurants, Bars and Elite Bars. With the help of our Microgenn’s hotel POS, you can able to control all the activities of restaurants & bars and increase the efficiency and quality of services to the customers. There are also optional modules available for table reservations and membership cards.

Touch POS

Microgenn hotel POS terminals are touchscreen-enabled and you are free to set-up as many users for your POS outlets as you need.Our hotel POS system runs in complete sync with your Front office. This means there is no manual tracking needed. Room inclusions get sent to the correct POS points. So, your staff at the restaurant, travel desk or any other POS outlet is always updated with the right information in real-time. Our microgenn new hotel point-of-sale systems are able to produce accurate consumer behaviour reports on which you can devise a marketing strategy similar to loyalty programs, incentives, and discounts. This will improve your relationship with existing clients and help you get business from new ones.

hotel pos modules

Microgenn Hotel POS Modules

Our POS Software module consists of 4 modules namely:

  • Point Of Sale.
  • Account Receivables.
  • Inventory.
  • Food & Beverage Costing.

Hotel POS Reports

Our Microgenn’s POS allows you to automate the transaction process and track the important sales data. We have integrated a large number of modules into this software, that helps you in tracking inventory changes, gross revenue, and sales patterns. For any business to assess its performance, reports play a vital role. Microgenn’s POS  have several reports which can be configured based on needs. It helps you in obtaining

  • Table Wise Reports.
  • Caption Wise Reports.
  • Session Wise Reports.
  • Revenue Reports.
  • Guest reward Reports.
  • Discount Reports.
  • Tax Reports.
  • Expense Reports.


  • Fine Dine In / Take Away & Delivery.
  • Table Live Status with Vacant, Occupied & Billed.
  • Table Transfer.
  • Displaying Menu according to Item Category & Item Group.
  • Custom Menu & Rate for Special occasions.
  • KOT Printing with Item Instruction / Message.
  • Non-Charge KOT.
  • Item Group wise Discount and User wise Discount Restriction.
  • Kitchen-wise KOT Printing.
  • Kitchen Display System with Escalation Matrix SMS.
  • Miscellaneous Sales/Income.
  • Accounts Receivables.
  • Happy Hours.
  • Confirmation of services to guests Via SMS.
  • Notification to the management of daily reports and updates via SMS.
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