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hotel power automation

The Hotel power automation system is a system for managing, controlling and protecting the various components connected to the power network. It obtains the real-time information from the system, local and remote control applications with advanced electrical system protection. Our microgenn’s hotel power automation system enables hoteliers to provide their guests the convenience of controlling multiple functions in their room including lighting, temperature and audio/video systems using automated interfaces. Our power automation system automatically turns OFF all electrical appliances when the room is empty, reactivating only when the guest reenters the room. This enables our customers to experience a high return on investment through improved operational efficiencies, reduced energy costs and effective management of resources. Hotel room automation uses a variety of techniques to turn off lights and reduce HVAC operation when a room is unoccupied in hotels and service motels. Because hotel and motel guests typically do not practice good energy conservation behaviour when checked in to a room, there is a significant opportunity for the lodging industry to capture the energy and other savings through automation.

no more physical keys - hotel power automation

No more physical keys

With help of Microgenn’s hotel power automation you don’t need to hand-over any Physical key or share automated virtual keys to your guests access. You can easily allow your guests to access their room with smart card. Only, when the card is inserted into the room, power access will be provided. This will reduce energy costs and effectively manage the power resources.

Energy efficiency

Today, energy efficiency in hotels not only delivers substantial savings in cost, but also demonstrates corporate responsibility, subsequently enhancing a hotel’s image with its guests and the world at large. Based on available studies, automation products can produce a 25 to 44 percent energy savings per room and can be used in virtually any hotel or motel to varying degrees. Microgenn’s power automation system also includes an mobile application, which is used to monitor and control power (ON/OFF) from your smartphone itself.

energy efficiency-hotel power automation

control everything-hotel power automation

Control everything

With the help of microgenn’s hotel power automation system, you can control all the power resources in your hotel and automate it. Also, there is Air-conditioner control, which makes the room to check-in as AC Enabled room or Non-AC room. You can also generate report on power ON/OFF time for every rooms and calculate the cost of power resources for each rooms separately.

Quality Guest experience

Giving guests a truly memorable in-room experience is about providing the practicalities they expect, while enabling them to create their own environment according to their preferences, from the control of lighting and temperature adjustments to the latest in-room entertainment facilities. Our microgenn’s hotel power automation system is an intelligent solutions that integrates all areas of room automation to provide guests with total control of their own environment.

Features loaded with Hotel power automation system | MHMS

  • Automated report generation of power on time & off time for every room.
  • Centralized Online Controls For Power Automation.
  • Air conditioner control makes the room To check-in as Ac Enabled room / Non Ac room.
  • Phase failure, MCB tripping is highlighted via SMS ensures check-in for room power access.
  • Power On / Off control and Monitoring will be handled from your smartphone using our App.
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