Power Automation uses a variety of techniques to turn off lights and reduce HVAC operation when a room is unoccupied in Hotels & service motels. Because hotel and motel guests typically do not practice good energy conservation behavior when checked into a room, there is significant opportunity for the lodging industry to capture energy and other savings through automation. Based on available studies, automation products can produce a 25 to 44 percent energy savings per room and can be an absolute savings to the hotel or motel to varying degrees.

Benefits & Returns :

  • Assured 33% Savings on Your Lighting Bills
  • Guaranteed 20% Savings on Your HVAC Bills.
  • Return on Investment within 3 Years maximum depending your energy bill size.
  • Eradication of power pilferages and Power misuses.
  • Prescheduled Time slot for Room Administration in the absence of Guest.
  • Total Prevention of unauthorized person.
power automation

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