Zhongshan Tengo Lock(Manufacturer)   Co., Ltd. is one company formed by a group experts and engineers focused on the intelligent recognition technology, we have our leading R & D team, more than 12,000 square meters of production plants, marketing network all over the world, the mainland has more than 500 agents and distributors, we are one high-tech enterprise in Zhongshan City.

Our main products are hotel intelligent lock, fingerprint lock, smart cabinet locks, and other intelligent recognition technology products, is the domestic first-class intelligent enterprises lock. The company’s products meet the high-end hotels, clubs, luxury villas, large and medium-sized factories, mines, schools, medium and large hospitals, office buildings, government agencies, real estate real estate and other intelligent recognition technology, focused on providing high-quality high-grade lock to facilitate its management to meet their safe access, confidentiality and other intelligence requirements.


We are an IT firm into advanced technology solutions, striving to address the common pain points experienced by the common man in daily life. We are towards creating a difference in usage of technology in an easier, faster, reliable, affordable and sustainable manner. We are continuously researching on new technologies, market trends, and produce software/hardware.

Our goal is to connect everyone and everything together with powerful and easy to use hardware and software. We create innovative solutions that allow people anywhere to access and utilize technology in fast, reliable and cost-effective ways.