Special Wings for Women’s in Hotels

Special Wings for Women’s in Hotels

Special Wings for Women's in Hotels

The success of hotels largely depends on how much more they can offer to their guests. The rising number of women travelers over the world has made the Luxury Hotels create the special services for them. The Women Friendly services have become an international trend and since the last decade the hotels in India are also gearing up with this facility. Some hotels have full- fledged floors, whereas others have single lady rooms. Not many hotels cater to this gender preferred services. The research article tries to focus on women friendly facilities and the preferences of the women client to stay in these hotels. The findings of the study suggest that comfort, safety and security are the main factors that women guests want in a hotel. The facilities for single lady traveler in India are catered by top-end hotels only.

This is dedicated to single lady travelers.  The rooms must be close to the elevators, so that the guests don’t have to corridors alone.  A guest relations executive directly take single women travelers to their room to check in, instead of making them wait in the lobby reception area.

Security Steps :

  • In most of the hotels, all telephone calls must be screened and announced by the operator, before being passed on to lady guests.
  • There should be no inter-connecting rooms given to single lady guests.
  • Rooms must be equipped with videophones, so that guests can see the person at the door.
  • There should be a magnified eyehole which helps to see the person outside better.
  • The room number and identity of guests should be kept private.
  • There must be regular floor patrols by the Security guards.
  • As soon as a single women checks in, she must be automatically upgraded to the women’s wing.
  • There should be one exclusive security person for the women’s wing.
  • When there are no rooms in the women’s wing, try to allot rooms that are near the elevator,