What factors you need to consider while choosing a hotel?

What factors you need to consider while choosing a hotel?

What factors you need to consider while choosing a hotel?

Finding a good hotel is most vital task when you are planning for a picnic or vacation. However, the internet and communication technology has simplified this important problem, but still there are some important factorsthat you need to consider while choosing a hotel especially when you are travelling with your family.

Hotel Location:

The first and foremost point we have to consider is the hotel location. For instance,

  • If it’s for business, youshould see the hotel to be located in a convenient area.
  • If you’re planning to sightsee, you will have to look for the centrallylocatehotels.
  • If you just need to relax or get away from it all, you should look for something a little more remote or located in a scenic area.


This is an extremely important factor when you are on a trip. You should check the smooth transport accessible from the hotel. The Hotel must give shuttle services to the key destinations like shopping malls, tourist places, railway station and airport. Also, there should be public transport or frequent taxi services nearby the hotel. The lack of accessibility of fast transportation is very annoying and it can ruin your travel experience. You can use online maps to decide which hotel to choose while deciding you’re travelling plans.


If you’re travelling by car, you’re going to need a place to park. Things to consider here are if the hotel offers parking, how much it charges for that parking, and how secure the parking is.

Amenities Facilities:

The modern hospitality players should understand the importance of services and different amenities that they provide for their clients. In this competition industry, hotels which give exceptional services and amenities are preferred mostly by travelers.

For example, if you are staying for a business trip, you can expect internet facilities and Wi-Fi which is mandatory in your rooms. There are many hotels in India which offer professional guide facilities for the foreigner visitors to prevent any deception or cheating from local wrenched people. Check in the hotel after gathering required information about amenities provided by the hotel.

Onsite facilities:

Depending on what you’re looking for in a hotel, you definitely want to check into what’s located onsite. You may want a pool or a restaurant, or you may be looking for other offerings, such as a spa or a golf course.

Complimentary breakfast:

This can make a real difference in your budget. After all, buying breakfast for a family of four over a week’s time can really add up. If the hotel doesn’t offer this amenity, then see if you can request a refrigerator and microwave in the room, so you can make your own breakfast there.


If you’re going to be traveling with small children, you want to be sure you choose a hotel that will accommodate them. Be sure to research basics, such as optional cribs, a pool or recreation area, and refrigerators in the room. Also look and see what extras each particular hotel has to offer families, such as discounted kid’s meals, onsite babysitting, and other perks.


Likewise, if you’re bringing the family dog, you want to be careful when choosing your hotel. Of course, the facility needs to accept dogs, but you should also look into whether there are any extra cleaning fees, if they provide a dog run, and if there’s a place to walk the dog nearby.

Testimonials/ Reviews:

In an era of the technology, an end-user has unlimited options to choose because of the competition. Before choosing any particular hotel, you may go through the testimonials received from the other tourists/travelers who have already visited that hotel.

As there is no direct control of the hotel management to the reviews and testimonials so there is a space of 100% honesty and transparency in the reviews published in different travel websites.